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Moving's Tournament Manager from one computer to another can be accomplished via the Backup/Restore function. To do so follow the steps outlined below...


First Tournament Manager should be installed on both the source computer (the computer you are copying data FROM) and the destination computer (the computer you are copying data TO). You can find download links by logging into your account.


Backup data from the source computer; for details on how to backup data from Tournament Manager see the Backup  and Restore article.


Restore the data backed up in Step 2 to the destination computer; for details on how to restore data to Tournament Manager see the Backup and
Restore  article.


When restoring a backup existing data (golfers, tournaments, courses, etc) is overwritten.  In other words, restoring a backup DOES NOT MERGE data from the backup with existing data on the computer but rather  REPLACES existing data on the computer with data in the backup.