You have updated new handicaps in the Membership Roster, but they do not appear in the Active Tournament Sheet. Why not?

When you update/change a golfer's handicap in the Membership Roster, Tournament Manager does not change that golfer's handicaps in any tournament he/she has already been signed up to play in.  In other words, a golfer's handicap in the active tournament or any "old" tournaments remains the same.  It is only when you "sign up" a golfer to the active tournament that his/her handicap is copied from the membership roster and set for that active tournament.

However there is a way to instruct Tournament Manager to update an "already started" tournament with "new/changed" handicaps from the membership roster:

  1. Click the Signup Up Players or Tournament Sheet tab.
  2. Click the Tools menu and select Update handicaps from roster.
  3. Type YES to update.
Note: You can also change a golfer's index/handicap directly on the Tournament Sheet. Simply double-click the golfer and type in the new value.