What is meant by the term flight?

Flighting is a way of breaking golfers and/or teams into different groups (flights) for standings purposes, or any type of sorting purposes you need.

You have a tournament with 120 golfers..30 in the A flight, 30 in the B flight, 30 C flight, 30 D flight. Usually flights are based on handicaps so like handicap golfers can compete against one another. However, you can specify flights using any criteria. For example, you can base flights on golfers ages, home club,..or any criteria. When you show standings, you can have an A flight winner, B flight winner, C flight winner, and D flight winner. You can even have winners across all flights, or across multiple flights, such as an AB flight winner, etc.

If you don't care about flights:

  1. Don't pre-SORT your standings report by flights.
    When you select to display a report on the screen, Tournament Manager always displays how the report will be sorted. If you choose to sort by FLIGHT, then by TOTAL score, you will see flighted standings. Tournament Manager would first sort by flight then sub-sort by totals. Thus, A golfers would appear first sub-sorted by total scores, B golfers next sub-sorted by total scores, etc. Click the button Select How to Sort Report, and DO NOT sort by flight, but another item, usually TOTAL....then Tournament Manager will not first sort by flight, but just TOTALS. In other words flights are ignored.
  2. Don't display FLIGHTS on reports/views
    Tournament Manager gives you the option to build custom reports or views. You can build a custom report/view that does NOT even display flights.
  3. Only set the Tournament Parameters to 1 flight. Then all golfers will be in flight A. Even
    if you sort reports by flight, all golfers are in the same flight so it has no meaning.