Versions 2007 and Later

  1. Create a Miscellaneous Field for the school name
  2. Put each player onto their own school team manually
  3. Setup all Tournament Parameters
  4. Clone your tournament
  5. In the cloned version, rebuild teams for pairings and tee times and print scorecards, pairing sheets, etc.
  6. Play golf
  7. Post scores into the original tournament (not cloned)
  8. Select reports for results

You may need to modify reports or views to include the school name.

Versions Earlier than 2007

TM lets you build pairings (teams) for "how golfers will go out to play (teetimes)..and then rebuild teams "on the fly" for how standings will be shown (teams with players from same school).

So in your case...

  1. Build teams with a mix of players from different schools in each foursome and set teetimes.
  2. Print out pairing sheet, scorecards, etc..and play golf.
  3. Enter scorecards, rebuild teams with golfers from same school on each team, and show results.

I assume the step that is hard to understand is how can TM quickly rebuild teams based on a school each golfer is on.

The basic step to understand how to do this...

1. You need to know how TM can create a custom "field" to track what school a golfer is on.
Pull down the SETUP menu and select OPTIONS...Name Field number 6...SCHOOL.  You can then indicate what school a golfer is on by typing the name of his school in the "School" field.

2. Create a custom view that shows the golfer's school and any other info you wish to display on the main screen.
Once a view is created you can use it at anytime.

3. How you can quickly build teams by school
Load a "custom" view that includes the golfer's school.
Sort the view by school.
Pull down the VIEW menu and select SORT TOURNAMENT SHEET. Check the option "PLAYERS ONLY", click OK and Sort by school. The list is sorted by school.
Click mouse on a player and drag down to highlight a block of players from the same school. Press ENTER..type in the team # and press enter again.  All selected players are now on the same team.

For more information, please refer to Misc. Field Names, Custom Reports and Sorting.