When Tournament Manager automatically builds teams, it moves individuals around to make up teams.  It does not move blocks of two players around to build teams...so for the type of tournament you are running Tournament Manager cannot automatically build teams...

There are two ways to build teams for this type tournament...

Option 1:

Set up a tournament with 4 players per team...in the signup sheet drag and drop the 4 appropriate players on each team.  You are manually building teams/playing groups.

Option 2:

Assume you are running a 25 -- 4 player per team tournament.

  1. Create the tournament.
  2. On Tournament Parameters specify 25 teams and 2 players per team
  3. On Signup Sheet..signup only the men to play in the tournament.
  4. Give the men the combined handicap of their handicap and wife's handicap. (Make sure the maximum handicap is set high enough in your tournament parameters / advanced tab)

  5. If players are using indexes then follow step 4 combining indexes. Notice the index input field is directly above gross handicap field.
  6. On the Tournament Sheet..let Tournament Manager automatically build your 2 player teams with equal handicaps.

    You now have 2 players per team with just the men.

  7. Click Tournament Parameters and change the number of players per team from 2 TO 4 players per team
  8. Pull down TOOLS menu and select "Update handicaps from roster" to change men's handicaps back to their original value.
  9. On Signup Sheet..signup the appropriate ladies with the corresponding men.

    You now have 2 couples per team.

For more information, please refer to Building Teams.

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