Some groups play this format. There are 4-man teams made up of 2 2-man teams. You can run reports and post results for both 4-man and 2-man teams using Tournament Manager's "cloning" feature. (Available in Tournament Manager 2007 and later versions). When you clone a tournament, everything from the source tournament (the tournament being copied) is copied to the cloned tournament.

The trick is to wait until AFTER you've entered the scores to clone the tournament. Then you can rearrange the teams and print the results without having to enter the scores twice.

Steps to Clone a Tournament:

  1. Click on the "Change Active Tournament" tab.
  2. Select/highlight the tournament that you want to clone.
  3. Click on the "Clone Tournament" button.
  4. Enter the name of the duplicate tournament and click OK button.
  5. Load the cloned tournament.

For more information, see Duplicate or Clone a Tournament.