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Best Ball Skins Report

Is it possible to modify the (1 gross Best Ball) and (1 net best ball) reports in the Tournament team results (advanced custom) to show team skins winners by flight? I would like a report similar to T6m and T6n but for the team best ball score (g & n).

If I can't modify those reports is there a way to create a team bb report that will show skin winners by flight?

Under "Tournament Team Results (Custom Advanced)," make a new report that includes 1 gross best ball for each hole and one net best ball for each hole.

Load a tournament that you already played and try making a new report.


When I score a game as 1 gross and 1 net, TM uses the best gross score first, then adds the best net ball.

ie. players 1, 2 and 3 had 4 on a par 4. Player 4 had a 3, plus a handicap stroke (Net 2).

TM will calculate the result as a 7.  Best gross will be a 3, then add the best net as a 4.

We calculate the score as a net 2 plus the gross 4 for a 6.

What is correct?

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