In Tournament Manager, running a golf tournament with multiple computers feeding scores into a 'master' computer is possible.

Here are the steps to set it up:

Step 1: Create a Custom Report to use when importing/exporting your data.
Click on Reports on your toolbar, then select Tournament Individual Reports (Custom).
Press the New button to create your own custom report.
You'll need to name the report. (For example, you could name it 'Export Data'.)
At the very top of the Items List you will notice a drop down list box. This box contains the different categories available. 
The category currently selected is 
General Player itemsIn this category, you want to select the ID number to use in your report.
Double click that item on the Items List (left side) or click the arrows button and it will move to the right (on the Report Layout).  You will notice when you add an item it is inserted on the row currently highlighted on the Report Layout (right side).
Next, you need to select a another category. Select Current Round Items and scroll down to find Hole #1, Hole #2, through Hole #18. For each Hole # (1-18) double click that item on the Items List (left side) or click the arrows button and it will move to the right (on the Report Layout).
After you've moved Hole#1 through Hole #18 onto the Report Layout, click the Save Report Layout button.
Step 2: Enter on Your Player's Scores
Here we are assuming that the Tournament Manager program on your various laptops have the same exact 'empty' tournament setup, with players and player ID numbers listed. After you have entered in your group of scores and are already to export your scores to the 'master' computer, go to Step 3.

Step 3: Exporting your Data

Click on Reports and select the customized report you created in Step 1 (In our example, 'Export Data'). Click on the Display Report button.

VERY IMPORTANT: In the next box that appears, click on the button Select Players to Include. Then check the box that says Include ONLY players that played. Then click the okay button to close that box. Click okay again to display the report.

After your report appears, click the Print button in the lower left corner of your screen. Then select the Export Report to.. button in the lower left corner of the 'Printing Options' box. Next you'll name your exported file. VERY IMPORTANT: Save your exported file as a Tab Delimited (.txt) file. You'll see this option in the 'Save as type' area. Then click on Save.

You can now transfer your data to the 'master' computer via email/3.5 disk/flashdrive/cd.

Step 4: Importing Data on 'Master' Computer

On your 'Master' computer, click on Roster on your toolbar and select Import Data to Tournament.

The program will prompt you to: 1. Select the Tournament you want the data imported to.

2. Click on the button, Find ASCII delimited file to import and find your file. VERY IMPORTANT: Start import at row: 2. Then click the next button to move to 3. Click on the dot beside the Tab Delimiter, then click the next button to move to 4.

Then click on each column's drop box and select the appropriate field to send the data. (ID#, Hole Score #1, Hole Score #2, etc.) then click Finish. The program will transfer the data.

After you have imported your first file, the program will remember many of the details and make it faster to import subsequent files.