Your golfers all have a 0 (zero) handicaps in the tournament...why?

If your golfers have a handicap in the Membership Roster, but not in a particular tournament you have them in, then most likely all your golfers have an index of 0 and you've told Tournament Manager to convert this index to a handicap for this tournament.

  1. Click the Tournament Parameters tab to see tournament parameters.
  2. The option Use Player's Index to calculate his/her handicap is checked.
    When this option is checked, TM calculates handicaps using the golfer's index:
    handicap = index X (slope of tee played / 113)
    Thus, if a golfer's index was 0, then:
    handicap = 0 X (??? / 113)
    handicap = 0
  3. So, UNCHECK the option Use Player's Index to calculate his/her handicap and close form. 
  4. Now the 0 handicaps will disappear and correct handicaps will appear.
Tip: You can see exactly how a player's gross handicap is calculated...
  1. While viewing the Tournament Sheet, double-click a golfer. His/her tournament info form appears.
  2. Click on the ? (Question) button beside the Gross Handicap box and a description of how the handicap is calculated appears