How can I assign flights manually?

Tournament Manager can automatically assign player and team flights using golfer's handicaps, indexes, or scores from previous rounds. To automatically flight players or teams, select
Automatically flight players/teams on the Tools menu.

Assume you need to flight golfers by age. The A flight will be golfers under 55, and the B flight golfers 55 and older. To quickly assign golfer's flight by age:

  1. Create a "custom" view  that includes the golfer's birthday. Once a view is created you can use it at any time.
  2. Sort the view by birthday.
    Pull down the View menu and select Sort Tournament Sheet.
    On the Sort What? form check the option PLAYERS ONLY and click OK.
    On the Sort by form, sort by birthday. The list is sorted by birthday.
  3. Click mouse on a player and drag down to highlight a block of players you want in a particular flight. Right-click any selected player and select Edit player’s Tournament Info. Set the Flight, and click OK. All selected players are now in specified flight.