video.jpg To see how this is done, click on this Video.


To name a miscellaneous field...


  1. On your toolbar, select the SETUP menu and click on 'Options'.
  2. Under the 'Field Name' column replace 'Misc1' (or Misc2, Misc3, Misc4, Misc5) with your new field name. ( 'Needs cart' for example.)

To enter data in this field...

  1. After you double-click a golfer's name... In the Tournament Info box...type "Y" beside "Needs Cart"

To print Misc. field on "Team Pairing Sheet"

  1. Go to report "T3. Team Pairing Sheet"
  2. Check the option "Print Needs Cart"
  3. This item will appear on report.

To see the misc field "Needs Cart" on the main "Tournament Sheet"...
Create a custom view...custom views let you see ANYTHING on the main screen.
For more information, please refer to Custom Views and Misc Field Names.