Tournament Manager can also show match play results for any number of players versus any other number of players.  For details...Click SETUP menu and select "m-Match Individuals" or "m-Match Teams" the HELP [?] button for details about how to do this.

The Tournament Manager also runs "tournament" events where play is against the field. In other words, where every player compares his score against other players (or players within the same flight or group) to determine standings.  Formats include, gross, net, scrambles, best balls, points, quota points, skins, etc.  You can run a "Match Play against the course"...but you are so much up or down against the course and this is compared to other players to determine standings.

For more information, please refer to Individual and Team Matches.

What TM does NOT do is run events where one player (or one team) compares its score to one opposing player (or team) to determine a winner.  We do have software that does this...our League Manager program.  The vast majority of Leagues play "match play" format. 

We would also recommend looking at the League Manager Demo found on our website.