What if you don't have a number of players for your tournament - where you intend to play in foursomes - divisible by four? You can use the blind draw to create your foursomes.

Suppose that you are anticipating 20 players in 5 foursomes for your tournament, but only 18 players show up. In Tournament Manager you can use the “blind draw” to create playing groups of the same size. You will use two blind draws to bring the number of players up to 20. Note that there is a “Blind Draw (F)” and a “Blind Draw (M)” for female and male.


Making sure that you have your Tournament Parameters set to 5 teams, or playing groups, consisting of foursomes so you have the 20 players, click OK and move to the Signup tab. Drag one blind draw into Team 1 and lock it there. Do the same for Team 2. Now sign up your 18 players who showed up.


You can sign up 18 players as a group or one by one if you know which players go into what playing group. We will sign up players all together and let Tournament Manager automatically build teams for us.


Highlight the 18 players by dragging your pointer down the list while holding the left mouse button. Or you can highlight the first player, hold the Shift key down on your keyboard and click on the last player. Now click the “Signup” button or press the space bar on your keyboard.


Now click on the Tournament Sheet tab. You may want to give the blind draw a handicap prior to building playing groups. Just double click on the blind draw and type in a handicap. You can actually draw this handicap from another player and give the blind draw the same hole scores as this player after playing. Then go to the Tools menu and select “Automatically Build Teams.” We will build equal playing groups by handicap.


You now have a 20-player field arranged in 5 foursomes.