There are 2 ways to sort how players are positioned on the team....

  1. While looking at the Tournament Sheet with Teams displayed, (If teams are not displayed, click the "[ ]Show Teams" check box at bottom of the screen.)
  2. Click the "SORT" button icon, or pull down the VIEW menu and select "Sort Tournament Sheet".
  3. You can sort by some of the columns on the view...this is how players will be positioned on the team.


  1. You can manually position a golfer on a team by dragging and dropping.
  2. On the main list there is an icon to the left of each player's name that looks like a person's head. If you do not see this pull down the VIEW menu and select "Show Teams"
  3. Click and drag the icon (looks like a person's head) to the appropriate position.

For more information, please refer to Sorting The Roster.