Suppose you wish to assign tee times by team handicaps ...this is how I would do it...

  1. Pull down the TOOLS menu and select TEETIMES
  2. Click SORT button on this form.
  3. Sort First by HCP..teams are now in Hcp order on this list.
  4. Go ahead and assign start holes.. check 'Regular' or  "Shot Gun Start".
  5. Click button [Automatically fill in holes for team below highlighted one]...hole numbers or now assigned.
  6. Click OK to close TEETIMES form.

If you go to reports now..You can sort ANY team report by start hole, etc...Reports T2 Scorecards, T3 Team Pairing, teams are displayed in order you wish.

To show teams in start hole order on the main list...

  1. (Optional) Pull down the VIEW menu and select "Default" view to make sure you are looking at the default view.
  2. Pull down the VIEW menu on the toolbar and UNCHECK "Show Teams"
  3. Pull down the VIEW menu on the toolbar and select 'Sort Tournament Sheet' ..sort first by HOLE, next by TEAM.

For more information, please refer to Sorting by Items on Tournament Sheet, and Sorting Reports