No special setup is require for Tournament Manager to do this. For example you could have 80 players in a tournament with 40 playing on one day and another 40 playing another day... Tournament Manager allows you to post results to any golfer at anytime, print reports out, etc...

If it's important to know which day a golfer played, you could...

Option 1:

Signup day 1 players in round 1 and day 2 players in round 2. Only post the results to the round they played in and print out results accordingly. You are only using "rounds" to indicate what day a golfer played. A golfer will only have one score posted, either in round 1 or the total for any golfer across the 2 rounds will only be one score.


Option 2:

I would create a custom field (select OPTIONS on the SETUP menu) called "day played" and mark the golfer with either day 1 or day 2. Create a "custom" view that includes the "day played" can use this view anytime.

Tip: To quickly put golfers in day 1 or day 2...., highlight the players you wish to change the value for. Click the [Edit] button. Type in the appropriate day value and click OK. All players will now have this day value.

For more information, please refer to Sign Up Players and Miscellaneous Field Names