Follow these instructions for deleting old tournaments in Tournament Manager.

  1. Click on the tab labeled "Change Active Tournament"
  2. Select the tournament you want to delete (green dot #1 in below image)
  3. With tournament to delete highlighted, click on button labeled "Delete Tournament" (green dot #2 in below image)
  4. On the small pop-up window labeled "Delete Tournament?", confirm that the named tournament is the one you want to delete by clicking on the button labeled "Yes" (green dot #3 in below image)

  5. If you have many tournaments, the pointer will change shape to a swirling cursor. You do not have to wait for it to change back to the pointer.
  6. You will see the message, "Please be patient. TM is removing deleted players. Click cancel below to stop. TM will remove the players later." Using the swirling cursor, click on the button labeled "Cancel." (green dot #4 in below image)

  7. You can immediately proceed to Step 2 above to delete another tournament even though the cursor may still be the swirling version rather than the pointer.